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Pool Table Services

- Moving -

Moving your pool table should be done by professionals. We are those professionals. Whether you are moving it from basement to first floor or New Jersey to California, a 3 piece slate pool table needs to be disassembled, then moved and reassembled. We can help with any part or your entire move. If you are moving long distance it can be more cost effective to have Billiard Towne come and disassemble your table, let your moving company move it, and we can help you find someone to assemble it.

- Assembly -

If your table is in pieces and you need humpty put back together properly, we are your source. We work on all brands of table and are experts with how to put them together.

- Disassembly -

If you need to get your table out of the way for contractors we can come in and disassemble your table. We would just need a small out of the way place to store the table until the work has been completed. If you are moving long distance, we disassemble and pack the table for your moving company.

- Crating -

If you are moving long distance, most moving companies will require your pool table slate to be crated. We can build those crates for you and crate the slate for safe transport.

- Recovering -

Cloth does wear out over time. When your cloth needs to be replaced, look no further. We come out to your home and change your cloth in a couple of hours. We have a large selection of fabrics and colors.

- Cushions -

If your cushions have gone hard or don't give the consistent play they once did, it is time to have them replaced. Our technicians can do this in your home or in our shop.

- Cue Repair -

All cue repair work is done on premises. We can replace a tip or ferrule. We can rewrap your cue in nylon, linen or leather. We can refinish or taper your shaft. We offer a large assortment of tips. Billiard Towne is an authorized Kamui installer.