Billiard Towne - your home pool table specialists, and more, serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and surrounding areas since 1978.


- Cloth -

We proudly sell and install Champion, Simonis, Hainsworth, and Mali Cloth. We specialize in installing new cloth on your table or you can purchase precut bed and rail sets for yourself.

- Gaming -

Billiard Towne always has a variety of poker chips in stock. We also offer equipment for craps and blackjack. We have the most choices in playing cards including Bee, Bicycle, Kem, Gemaco, Copaq and Davinci. We have poker, bridge, pinochle and jumbo index cards. We also have a wide range of dice and dice games, including L-C-R and precision craps dice.

- Classic Games -

We always have a nice selection of chess, cribbage, backgammon, chinese checkers, mah-jong, dice, dominoes and other family favorites in our showcases.

- Table Parts -

We carry a large inventory of replacement parts to repair your pool table. We also have experienced staff to install those parts if you need us to.

- Bar -

Billiard Towne inventories several hundred neon lights. We also have a great selection of tap handles. Glassware, fruit trays, mats, spoons and bottle openers (both wall and long neck) are always on hand.